I believe that what we see influences on what we think and feel, and sometimes all we need in order to feel better is “fix” the reality we experience at that moment.

The inspiration for this project were augmented reality lenses that were part of a modern cabinet of curiosities. In the reality I’ve created for myself, I’ve implanted flora, (which I miss in Tel Aviv) Japanese women (to feel as if I’m in Japan), and motifs from Hip Hop that appear in my house and are a part of my life (which I’ve implanted in places outside my home).

My inspiration was reflected in the outfits by layers that I’ve created on the models, whether in cuts that simulate layers or different elements of garments combined into one model. In addition, I tried to convey the experience in the uncertainty between the real and the virtual into the cloth by using original materials like denim alongside a print of denim pattern.

This Project has been made in collaboration with CO.CO|Collective Collection, a Tel Aviv crowd funded project, when at the end of the course, three dresses will be picked and sold on CO.CO’s online store. The dress is a commercial interpretation of the “One of a Kind” outfit (a coat and an overall). In the design process we needed to considerate the manufacturing cost of the model, whether by a more fabric-economical fit, or by materials that are more available for commercial manufacturing.

The dress and the coat were printed with sublimation printing and the overall with digital printing. The coat was filled with mixed goose feathers and down feather.

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