This project dealt with mixing two topics of inspiration that come from different entities. My inspirations were the Pastorella scene from Disney’s 1940 film Fantasia and the home of my grandparents. My grandparents came from Romania and till this day maintain the Romanian atmosphere through food and language.

Two models were designed. One model that should reflect a fantasy that doesn’t considerate a certain need or client. The second model was meant to be a more ready-to-wear interpretation of the inspiration topic.

In the higher model I’ve created a cloth sheet made from stitched patches. These patches were dye-sublimation carpet printed on covering fabrics. The carpet was a recurring theme in my grandparents' house. The colorfulness I’ve created was taken from the magical colorfulness in Fantasia and the fit was influenced by the magic of the Pastorella.

In the ready-to-wear model I’ve turned the massive patch work from the higher model into a simplified version by patching two blocks of carpet that form the entire dress.

Both dresses bear flex stamps that are a sort of an imagery shade from the film Fantasia.

לוח השראה פנטזיה
לוח השראה בית של נעמי ואברהם
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