The outfits below were created as part of Jean's course. My inspiration was a hat that took me back to a childhood story. The story is about a first grade friendship that ended in one moment and a reunion that happened in an older age. The hat only symbolized a bigger story, but wasn't the story itself. It reminded me of the Little Prince, when the author tried to draw a Boa snake swallowing an elephant and all the grownups thinking it was an illustration of a hat and didn’t see the bigger picture.

I've been inspired by the shape of the hat and by the dialog between small and large proportions. The denim garments were bleached in specific areas. to the bleached areas I did a sublimation printing and embroidered them.

In this project I collaborated with Israeli fashion house CASTRO. I designed the short pants and made the tech pack for the item and CASTRO manufactured it. The item I created with CASTRO needed to be a more commercial garment that will still be part of the collection I formed.

Insparation Board
Fabric manipulation
The Collection
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