In this project I’ve drawn inspiration from a 1962 coat designed by Balenciaga. This coat was very classic and every-day looking on the outside, but inside it hid a very luxurious sable fur. The sable fur, mainly sourced in Siberia, led me to the Stilyagi - a youth counterculture that existed from the late 1940s until the early 1960s in the Soviet Union. The movement was formed by rich kids exposed to the American culture of the 1950s who wanted to live the same way only in the grey and communist Soviet Union. That is why they had to sneak the colorful and “rich” style from the outside. I thought this story associates with Balenciaga’s thoughts when designing the coat, when all the wealth is hidden from the eye. In the project I took inspiration from the shape of Soviet army uniforms combined with 1950s American fashion. In addition, I kept the humor that was present in the Stilyagi’s lifestyle through iconic communist symbols and humorous phrases in Russian.

איורי אופנה
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