The inspiration for this project was a store concept I imagined – a shared studio workspace and store for my boyfriend, Ilan (graphic designer), and me. Ilan works on his illustrations, sketching situations from the daily studio life and I work on my clothing collection. I pick and match some sketches for clothes, and they are colored and embroider on the garments by me. The garments reuse recycled clothes and fabrics. The studio and the store name is ID. It takes our initials and also deals with the clothes’ identity.

 Sustainability Interests me in general and especially in fashion design. Like other industries, the fashion industry also has a carbon footprint. In my opinion, an industry that deals with beauty and aesthetics has to be even more involved in sustainability. Sustainability in fashion design is reflected in a number of ways: recycling, upcycling, use of biodegradable fibers and improving production process. In my project I'm personally active in the field of upcycling. I see the activity in the sustainability field as a mission and a personal commitment.

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